Like many stories in this universe, this one needs a few warnings. This story is not for everyone.

One of the Bob-Whites is in a same-sex relationship. It is talked about, but the person's partner is not in this story, so no kissing. But, yes, I suppose by the definition of slash fiction, "... fan fiction that focuses on interpersonal attraction and sexual relationships between fictional characters of the same sex.", this could be considered slash. It is not the primary focus of the story, but it is mentioned every once in a while and focused on in at least one scene.

Also, Maria's back. With all of her Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Personalities. She dissociates. Often. Frequently. And I attempt (somewhat vainly) to get into her/their collective heads. I can only hope I've done it the justice it deserves.

The photos used for the background and title are of Manhattan, Nevada. They were taken by the talented photographer, Daniel Ter-Nedden, and they are used with his permission. Well, there's a bit of a story around that.

I had emailed Daniel many, many years ago when I first started this story, and I had asked him if I could use one of his photos, specifically of the car. I may have mentioned that I was a poor, starving writer and couldn't afford to pay for a high-quality image (which was true at the time). He replied back that he was a poor, starving artist and how could I possibly expect to use his work for free? Then immediately followed that with, "just kidding!" and said that I could certainly use his photos in the method I had described, but to link back to his page. Unfortunately, it was so long ago that even my mail server has wiped out emails prior to 2006 ... so, I no longer have record of his permission.

Fast forward to this year when I *finally* have the first part of this story ready to post. I couldn't find his email, and it had been so many years since I'd first contacted him. Being conscientious about using someone's work without their permission—the whole fanfic thing aside—I emailed him again. He has graciously said I could use two of his photos. And he also wanted a url to this story. Yikes! My silly little fanfic being read by a virtual stranger? Eh ... I'll survive. ;)

So, please, check out his ghost town gallery for more great pictures of Manhattan and other ghost towns. I've even been to a couple of them in person.

While the town of Manhattan, Nevada, is real, it is not like I describe in this story. I've turned the town around a bit, lowered the population by more than half, and probably made all sorts of other changes to the town. No offense is meant to the town or any of its residents.

Characters are either copyright of Random House publishing or my own created characters. Every detail about my own characters is complete fiction, and any similarities to any real persons is completely coincidental. All copyrighted characters are used with no permission whatsoever but with tons of love and admiration.

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