Once upon a time is a fairy tale universe, obviously. These are not original tales. They are stories that I love and decided to rewrite using some of our favorite characters. But I am trying to connect them together in some small way, so if something happens to a character in one story, that will also be true for that character in all the other stories.

I was inspired both by the number of Trixie fan-fic fairy tale stories I've seen and read, and also by the "character as" game. I hope you enjoy this universe.

Blue and gold color scheme is a nod to the Lynches, because why not?

Stories are rated blue, purple, yellow, or red star according to the Jixemitri Rating System.

... there lived a young, wealthy couple ...
Madeleine and Matthew are expecting a child.  purple star
(2,882 words)

... not in my time or your time ...
Trixie goes on an adventure and meets the love of her life.  blue star
(8,349 words)

... there lived a not-so-wealthy prince ...
Dan falls in love with his friend's cousin.  blue star
(3,872 words)

... a prince was looking for a bride ...
Hallie finds happiness in a not so distant land.  blue star
(2,147 words)

... a young man with a healthy appetite ...
Mart enjoys figs and the company of a young lady.  blue star
(7,391 words)

... there lived a very beautiful girl ...
Diana has an adventure of her own.  blue star
(9,905 words)

About the graphics on this page:
The gold around the edges is graciously borrowed from the ever fabulous Susi (with permission, natch!).
Image of Hohenschwangau, one of my absolute favorite castles, is in the Public Domain.
Star images are © Jixemitri

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